4 Signs You Are in Need of an Auto Repair

Updated 2/20/2023

We’re an auto repair shop in Mifflinburg, PA. The Repair Shop is the premier repair shop for all your vehicle needs. This blog post will discuss four clear signs that you may need an auto repair. Whether you’re a casual car owner or a serious automotive enthusiast, staying on top of repairs and maintenance is essential, so your car runs smoothly and safely.

The average driver has their car for an average of 8 years, but knowing when to get auto repairs can extend your car’s life expectancy.

There’s real peace of mind when your car is functioning properly. All cars need maintenance from time to time, however, so it’s important to get repairs when issues start popping up.

This post will tell you some telltale signs that you need auto repair. Keep reading, and you’ll be able to avoid danger on the road and more expensive car fixes down the road.

1. Dashboard Lights Turning On

Any dashboard lights that turn on while you’re driving indicate something is wrong. These lights are connected to sensors which are linked together throughout the car. If you see one come on, a professional needs to investigate the corresponding part of the car.

If the check engine light starts flashing, you should immediately seek an auto repair shop. Something wrong with the engine could put you and everyone else on the road in danger.

2. Odd Sounds

Something must be fixed if you hear any unusual sounds from your car. Knocking noises often indicate that something is loose, which will need immediate attention.

Cracking might mean you’ve got some old parts that need replacing. Squealing or grinding often involves the brakes, while a dragging noise could be wheel bearings.

When you hear noises, take it in for diagnostics testing.

3. Poor Gas Mileage

A drop-off in gas mileage doesn’t just hit you in the wallet; it’s a sign that your car isn’t using gas efficiently. The best way to get to the bottom of it is to take it to your local auto shop, like The Repair Shop in Mifflinburg, PA.

The most common problems associated with poor gas mileage are an engine misfire, bad spark plugs, dirty fuel injectors, low compression, and fuel tank leaks.

4. Leaking

Anytime you see liquid underneath your car, call a mechanic ASAP. There are numerous liquids that your vehicle relies on while driving, so if they’re leaking out, you will have big problems. The longer you let these go, the more likely you’ll be stranded on the road somewhere.

You can figure out which fluid it is by its color. Dark brown, for example, is usually engine oil or transmission fluid. The coolant will be bright green, and the gas will be clear and watery. Don’t dwell on the color; get it to a professional and have them diagnose the problem.

Get the Best Auto Repair Services in Mifflinburg

Now that you understand some common signs of car issues, you can save time and money. The sooner you get your car into a good mechanic, the faster you’ll be back on the road.

At The Repair Shop, we can help you with any and all auto repair services, in addition to performance upgrades. Contact us ASAP if you notice any of the above issues with your car, and we’ll give you good, honest service so you can boost your car’s lifespan.

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