How to Keep Your Car Engine Running Smoothly

The internal combustion engine dates back to 1876. It works by putting a piston into a small space with fuel.

The piston draws in to allow the fuel to enter, then pushes out to pressurize the fuel into a smaller space. This creates an explosion that pushes the piston in again.

The explosion creates exhaust, which exits when the piston pushes out again. The process then repeats.

The most important thing to know is engine maintenance. We understand how a car starts working, but how does it keep working?

We offer some advice on that subject below.

Change the Oil

The surefire way to destroy an engine is to never get the oil changed. This is why regular oil changes are among the critical aspects of car maintenance. The oil keeps the car lubricated so the parts can move against each other without damage.

Oil doesn’t last forever, though. Keeping the parts of an engine moving also means filtering out contaminants. They might disrupt the engine’s function.

For these reasons, you must bring your car into a shop for a regular oil change. These days, the consensus is that you should change your oil every 7,500 miles or six months.

Use Coolant

Overheating is another problem that might harm your car’s engine. Cars have cooling tanks to counter this. Much like the engine, these cooling tanks don’t work on their own.

A special fluid known as a coolant must be present for the cooling tank to work. Each system works best with a specific type of coolant. You can find out which works best with your car by reading the manufacturer’s manual.

You can make coolant easily. Coolant consists of distilled water mixed with anti-freeze. Anti-freeze lowers the freezing point of whatever liquid it’s mixed with.

Refill the Gas Tank Regularly

One of the worst things you can do for your engine is to run it on low fuel.

Dirt and other sediments often reach the bottom of a car’s fuel tank. This becomes a problem when you run the car on low fuel because that sediment can get sucked into the engine and damage it.

There’s also the obvious issue of potentially miscalculating how low you are on fuel you are and ending up stranded on the side of the road somewhere. The good news is that if you ever need an auto mechanic in the Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania area, we can help.

How to Practice Engine Maintenance

Engine maintenance is one of the first things you need to know about when you have a car. The engine is the heart of a vehicle, and if it’s not working, neither is the car.

We’ve discussed some ways to keep your engine healthy here. There’s always more to learn, though, and you can learn a lot by reading our blog.

If you’re looking for car diagnostics or repair, we encourage you to meet our team. We believe in serving our communities and proudly stand by our beliefs.