Why You Should Never Ignore an Oil Change

In a country as big as the U.S. which contains cities that can take an hour or more to drive across, people need vehicles. That’s why it’s not a surprise that there are around 262,943,653 cars and trucks in America.

Of course, with so many cars out there, it’s inevitable that some of their owners consider taking a pass on an oil change from time to time. While it’s a part of maintenance for every vehicle, skipping one occasionally can’t cause that much trouble, right?

If you’ve ever considered ignoring your routine oil change, keep reading for some key reasons why that’s a bad idea.

Engine Damage and Wear

Oil is an essential element in the good operation of a car or truck’s engine. It lets the parts in the engine move against each other without generating excess friction. Minimizing that friction limits any potential damage.

As oil works in the engine, the heat and contamination degrade the oil. The worse it gets, the more the parts wear on each other. That wear and tear reduce the useful life of the engine.

In more extreme cases, your engine will seize and your car will head to an auto repair shop.

Reduces Fuel Efficiency

As the oil grows less effective and parts wear against each other more, the diagnostics will show that the engine must work harder to create the same results.

That extra work consumes more fuel. In turn, your overall fuel efficiency goes down both in the city and when driving on the highway.

Drives Up Costs

As fuel efficiency drops for your vehicle, you spend more at the gas pump each month. Beyond that, the damage caused by the extra wear and tear in the engine can trigger problems down the road. Parts will fail more often, which means you pay more to keep the vehicle on the road.

If the damage gets bad enough, you’ll need an engine rebuild or replacement. Both of those jobs get expensive fast with an auto mechanic.

Warranty Issues

New cars and certified pre-owned vehicles also come with a manufacturer’s warranty. There is a bit of fine print in those warranties that many car owners overlook. The catch with that warranty is that failures of basic maintenance can void the warranty in its entirety.

In other words, skipping a routine oil can render that valuable warranty null and void.

Oil Changes and Your Vehicle

As tempting as you may find the idea of taking a pass on an oil change, resist following through on that idea. It only creates trouble.

You cause unnecessary damage to your engine and its parts. It digs into your fuel efficiency.

You face higher costs over the life of the vehicle for repairs as parts fail before their time. Failure to follow the maintenance schedule laid out by the manufacturer can even void your warranty.

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